Yes, all VJ Studio classes take place at the physical VJ Studio address - 77 Green Lane East Remuera, Auckland 1050.

You may discuss any requirements or number of people booking the private classes with VJ Studio, as we cater to different requirements all the time. Contact here

We arrange these kinds of hires on a case-by-case basis, please contact our team at VJ Studio for hiring enquiries.

Contemporary classes are open level but even at that level, meaning they are open to anyone of any skill, however, they are more suitable for someone who is not a complete beginner in dance. If you have never danced before, or want to refresh your foundation knowledge, you can book a private coaching or a private class with friends or relatives to tailor training to your exact experience.

1 hour per session

Ballet shoes and jazz shoes are required for these styles, but all other fitness or dance classes are barefoot.

Yes. We do ask that you keep shower times to a minimum and leave the shower in a suitable condition for the next user. We also recommend using shower shoes wherever possible (flip flops or other similar footwear.)

Yes you can, we provide 10min during each private coaching to talk about your progress and how you are doing in your training. If you are part of the communal classes, you can book a 30min consultation with one of our trainers to discuss your goals and how we can support you better in your physical journey.

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